Product Development + Manufacturing

PSA employs experienced internal resources for complex product design, mould tooling design and special purpose-built equipment, to aid production and develop specialised products in a variety of plastic and metal materials. As PSA is highly specialised in the manufacturing and processing disciplines, our product development team focus on solving product application problems within the industry and pride themselves on the supply of quality, creative and useful products, into the marketplace.


Other features of our product development and manufacturing services include:

  • Providing proprietary manufacture of componentry and assemblies, within a sophisticated well-equipped manufacturing

                 plant, PSA is able to provide the precast, tilt-up and concrete markets in general, with a quality product range.

      • Our continued growth affords us the opportunity to utilise industry leading technology with high end CAD and robotics capability.
        • We liaise directly with the experts within the industries where we offer uniquely designed products.
        •  Our collaborative approach allows for the inventive phase of concept design to evolve.
        • Product development is not limited to the markets that we currently service and can cater to a client specific application.

                   (Subject to minimum order quantities).

        • We can modify our existing moulding tools to accommodate additional features that complement an existing product or simply

                   produce new primary tooling components for innovative development.

        • In addition to our primary plastic components, ancillary products are produced using polystyrene, steel and timber.
        • PSA is also committed to the ongoing review of natural resources and the conservation of energy. Australian manufacturing is the

                  core to our sustainable supply of product. Our use of recycled polymers, internal recycling of waste materials (where possible) and

                  energy efficient, safe production processes, allow us to manufacture products that minimise negative environmental impacts.

        Whether you have an issue out in the field or want to bring a product to market, contact our Product Development team for

        expert service and advice.