Engineering + Technical Support


Detailed design is conducted for safety and compliance in the lifting and bracing of concrete or structural elements. CPEng and RPEQ certified engineers can provide over the phone and on-site engineering technical support across the following:

  • Place lifting points on each individual drawing
  • Rigging diagrams
  • Sling lengths
  • Specify Strongbacks where required
  • Additional reinforcement if required
  • On-site and phone technical support
  • Certification letters


Precast and Tilt-up Erection Design Engineering

  • Designs verification
  • Independent lifting and bracing design verification
  • Check lists and certificate of design compliance

Precast Panels Handling and Bracing Risk Assessment

  • On-site and precast Yards
  • Prepare Work Method Statement (WMS)
  • Certificate of compliance

Temporary Wind Bracing Design and Compliance Certificate

  • Locate panel brace insert point
  • Show brace foot distance on slab
  • Specify brace type (Mini, Standard, Jumbo, etc.)
  • Bracing diagram on shop drawings
  • Check for brace clashes
  • Pre-construction site meeting
  • Certification letter

Temporary Footing Design

  • Temporary strip footing design
  • Temporary ‘deadman’ design

Lifting and Bracing product performance verification

  • Perform independent product performance assessment, in accordance with relevant standards
  • PSA can offer the services of an Erection Design Engineer, providing the necessary design checks and certification for all stages of the precast element handling, including any temporary engineering works.