(PSA Connection Grout)


PSA Connection Grout is an ultra high strength, shrinkage compensated Class C grout, for application at a flowable, fluid or trowellable consistency. PSA Connection Grout is designed for use where very high ultimate compressive strength (in excess of 100MPa) is required. Add the required water (3.6 to 3.8 litres for fluid consistency) to the mixing vessel and slowly introduce powder with mixing for 3-5 minutes. Ensure a constant head of grout is maintained when flowing through formwork to minimise the formation of air pockets under the base plate. Please refer to the SDS for this product for further instructions and precautions.

PSA Connection Grout is to be used as a system with the PSA S-Connection. PSA’s S-Connection is a patented grouted panel-to-panel connection that has been designed to replace heavy cast-in-plates (approx. 200kN capacity) and, in some applications, to replace full height panel connections (i.e. full height ‘wet-joint’ connections) by simply stacking the S-Connection throughout the height to increase capacity.

PSA Connection Grout Tech

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