Lifting Systems

(PSA LiftMX15)


Introducing PSA LiftMX15, an innovative 15 tonne edge lifting system accommodating panels upwards of 175mm thick.

With a revolutionary patent pending design, PSA LiftMX15 is proven through vigorous testing to perform when lifting your larger elements.
Suitable for commercial, residential and civil applications, PSA LiftMX15 is engineered for strength, versatility and easy use, from factory to site. Its cutting-edge design, reduces visual cracking and spalling, and maximises smooth engagement and manoeuvring.
Combined with the safety clutch or torus only, this is a high capacity lifter and also provides ease of use on site for more robust and safer lifting.


-  Compliant with AS3850.1:2015 Prefabricated Concrete Elements ("AS3850") and AS3850 Amd. 1, 2019 Australian National Code of Practice Tilt-Up and Precast; and independently tested by
a NATA accredited company.
-  15 tonne working load limit, within a compact, versatile, and easy to use system.
-  Excellent ductility for added safety.
-  Compact, light-weight design for ease of use in various precast element types, even in congested areas. Structural components are batch coded with clutches uniquely identifiable per AS3850.
-  Suitable for use in most precast elements including columns, beams and precast panels.
-  Clutch allows for secure engagement, smooth manoeuvring, and extra safety features with lock.
-  Void Former engineered to minimise concrete ingress.
-  Constructed from quality ductile, forged and cast steel, to ensure optimum load capability between the varying parts. 
-  Lifters are hot dipped galvanised for durability to inhibit the effects of oxidisation or corrosion.

PSA LiftMX15 lifters are compatible with PSA LiftMX15 Clutches and PSA LiftMX15 Void Formers only. Substitution with any alternative components or products other than the designated PSA range is not permitted in accordance with AS3850.

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