The M-Connection component utilises a pre-assembled articulating mechanism that will join two panels together by using the anchor head holes of our PSA LiftMX edge lifters. The M-Connection provides mechanical connectivity to each anchor head and the joint is then locally grouted with high strength PSA Connection Grout.

Custom Rebates to locate the PSA LME10 Anchors centrally within a panel, are available to suit 150, 175/180 & 200mm thick panels. The reusable Rebates produce a shallow void to one side of the panel, providing access for manual insertion of the M- Connection component.

The hex head bolt sub assembly contains a tension indicating washer with squirting Gel to visually validate that the correct kN load has been applied, in addition to any use of torque control wrenches. Final tightening of the bolt is to be in a controlled manner. Rattle-guns are not recommended. Only the use of equipment with precision torque settings in conjunction with observing the Gel will deem the bolt suitably fastened. Functional load specification for the bolt is 240kN.

A backing rod seal is to be applied prior to inserting the connection. Once the bolt is tightened, a temporary front cover is mounted prior to grouting. This serves as a front seal and may be removed the following day. Our PSA Connection Grout has been applied in the development of this product and must be used with the PSA Connection Systems and in accordance with PSA Technical data sheets. for the direct tension washer and PSA Connection Grout.

  • Code MCV150
    Description Rebate Void
    Panel Thickness (mm) 150
    Pack 1
  • Code MCV175/180
    Description Rebate Void
    Panel Thickness (mm) 175/180
    Pack 1
  • Code MCV200
    Description Rebate Void
    Panel Thickness (mm) 200
    Pack 1
  • Code MCVCNR
    Description Corner Rebate Void
    Panel Thickness (mm) 175 Upwards
    Pack 1
  • Code M-CON
    Description M-Connection Assembly
    Panel Thickness (mm) Suits All
    Pack 10

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