Bar + Mesh Support Chairs

(Foundation Frames)


Foundation Frames are lightweight, simple to use and offer a fast and efficient system to support mesh in strip footings. The reinforcement cages are easy to assemble, with clips that tie the top and bottom mesh together, which takes the place of ligatures, stirrups or other proprietary clips. The frames can be used on 8mm, 11mm and 12mm trench mesh. The frames clip onto the main longitudinal wire and the cross wire of the trench mesh at 900mm intervals, creating a rigid cage. 6 metre lengths can be quickly assembled outside of the trench, for placement after the trench is prepared. The bottom layer of mesh is supported 50mm off the ground, eliminating the need for trench mesh supports or bar chairs.

Foundation Frames

  • Code 150/200FF
    Description 150/200mm Combination Foundation Frames
    Bag 25
    Pallet 2500
  • Code 250/300FF
    Description 250/300mm Combination Foundation Frames
    Bag 25
    Pallet 2000
  • Code 350/400FF
    Description 350/400mm Combination Foundation Frames
    Bag 50
    Pallet 2000

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