(Early Bracing System (EBS))


PSA has designed and produced an assembly to provide for the early bracing of pre-cast elements. Tested to comply with Australian Standards.

The PSA EBS consists of a customised early bracing chair, upon which the steel foot anchor is mounted. The void tube and cap completes the assembly in readiness for the concrete pour, achieving a 25kN+ pull-out capacity, in early cured (green), low strength concrete.

Pre-cut Threadbar is stocked in 660mm lengths or may be made to specific size, subject to minimum volume requirements.

Early Bracing System

  • Code EBSEPC
    Description EBS Anchor Chair (30mm Cover)
    Pack Size 50
  • Code EBSFA
    Description EBS Foot Anchor
    Pack Size 25
  • Code PSB16660
    Description 16mm PSA Threadbar 660mm
    Pack Size 25 lengths
  • Code EBSVT
    Description EBS Void Tube 3.0m lengths
    Pack Size 10 lengths
  • Code EBSCAP
    Description EBS Removable Void Tube Cap
    Pack Size 100
  • Code EBSWNUT
    Description EBS Wing Nut
    Pack Size 50
  • Code EBSLNUT
    Description EBS Lock Nut x 30mm long - Steel
    Pack Size 50
  • Code EBSVTS
    Description EBS Void Tube Sleeve
    Pack Size 100

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