Grout Tubes

(50 Series Extensions)


The moulded Grout Tube replaces three labour intensive construction items when using metal Spiral Duct: the elbow, the cut UPVC or spiral tube and tape. The Grout Tube brings the added value of safety, eliminating exposure to toxic fumes and dust generated from cutting UPVC tube, as well as the jagged edges created when cutting metal spiral tube. It won`t rust and eliminates wastage cutting from stock lengths.

50 Series Extensions

  • Code 50XT100
    Description 100mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 100
    Pallet 3200
  • Code 50XT200
    Description 200mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 130
    Pallet 2080
  • Code 50XT300
    Description 300mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 100
    Pallet 1600
  • Code 50XT400
    Description 400mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 80
    Pallet 1280
  • Code 50XT500
    Description 500mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 80
    Pallet 1280
  • Code 50XT600
    Description 600mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 55
    Pallet 880
  • Code 50XT700
    Description 700mm Grout Tube Extension
    Box 85
    Pallet 340

All extensions available with a closed end upon request: eliminating the need for duct tape and end caps.

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