Introducing PSA LiftMX™

20 Mar 2020

PSA brings a new edge in concrete lifting systems.

  • PSA LiftMX™ uses revolutionary, patent-pending design
  • Offers 10 tonne WLL
  • Accommodates panels upwards of 110mm thick

In 2018, PSA decided it was time to offer a solution to the growing number of dissatisfied customers, who were using 3 rd party concrete edge lifting systems. After extensive proprietary research, engineering, development and testing, in 2019 PSA proudly launched PSA LiftMX into the concrete precast market.

Proven through vigorous testing to meet code requirements in numerous configurations, PSA LiftMX is a concrete edge lifting system providing a 10 tonne WLL while accommodating panels upwards of 125mm thick.

Suitable for commercial, residential and civil applications, PSA LiftMX is specifically engineered for strength, versatility and ease of use, from factory to site installation. Its cutting-edge design reduces visual cracking and spalling and maximises smooth engagement and safe manoeuvring.