Connections for Concrete

(Nailing Plates)


Nailing Plates screw into the ferrule and are mechanically fastened to the formwork, leaving a 10mm recess in the panel. Where coil or tie bar threaded ferrules are used a special nailing plate is available. The 20mm coil and tie bar nailing plates are coloured brown and orange respectively, to distinguish them from our standard metric components. Note: The base is recessed to allow for mechanical fastening and removal from the ferrule.

Nailing Plate

  • Code NP12
    Description 12mm Nailing Plates - Red
    Bag 100
  • Code NP16
    Description 16mm Nailing Plates - Green
    Bag 100
  • Code NP20
    Description 20mm Nailing Plates - Blue
    Bag 100
  • Code NP20C
    Description 20mm Nailing Plates, coil bolt - Brown
    Bag 100
  • Code NP24
    Description 24mm Nailing Plates - Yellow
    Bag 100
  • Code DTLP12
    Description DYWIDAG BAR Nailing Plate 12mm - Orange
    Bag 100
  • Code DTLP16
    Description DYWIDAG BAR Nailing Plate 16mm - Orange
    Bag 100
  • Code DTLP20
    Description DYWIDAG BAR Nailing Plate 20mm - Orange
    Bag 100
  • Code DTLP25
    Description DYWIDAG BAR Nailing Plate 25mm - Orange
    Bag 100

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