Tapes & Adhesives

Consist of non-mechanical fasteners; including double sided foam discs, double sides fabric tapes for profiles, specialist double sided tapes for composite aluminium panels to metal frames in various cladding and architectural applications. Protection tape for smooth finishes on polystyrene; duct tape, as well as general purpose silicones.

  • Double sided Foam Discs

    Double sided Foam Discs

    Double sided Foam discs are die-cut to suit 58mm Push on Ferrule locating plates. The main advantage of using die cut double sided tape is that no holes are require to be drilled through the precast table face thus saving time, money and the life of the table. Sold in rolls of 800 units, or preassembled with the ferrule locating plates in boxes of 1000. 75mm discs and 45mm squares are also available.

    Other die-cuts are available upon request.

    Double sided Foam Discs
  • Tesa 4964 Double sided Fabric Tape

    Tesa 4964 Double sided Fabric Tape

    Tesa 4964 Double sided Fabric Tape adheres well and can be removed cleanly, despite the use of mould release agents, thus making it an ideal replacement for traditional mechanical fixing methods. Commonly used for sticking polystyrene, dummy joint and fillet on precast beds and formwork. PSA stock a variety of widths from 12mm to 100mm.

    Other widths can be cut upon request.

    Tesa 4964 Double sided Fabric Tape
  • Duct Tape

    Duct Tape

    48mm and 72mm wide duct tape in 30m rolls.

    Duct Tape
  • Protection Tape

    Protection Tape

    Protection tape can be used when a smooth finish is required when using polystyrene block outs.

    Protection Tape
  • tesa® ACXplus

    tesa® ACXplus

    The installation of architectural panels can now be achieved easily and reliably with tesa® ACXplus highly viscoelastic double sided acrylic foam tape. The special properties of tesa® ACXplus make it ideal for the mounting of aluminium composite panel to metal sub-structures. tesa® ACXplus is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and the panel’s dead weight. (subject to calculation from tesa representative).

    tesa® ACXplus ACX1202B
  • Acribond VST

    Acribond VST

    Acribond VST has been rigorously tested by the C.S.I.R.O. and has been approved by industry leading companies, such as Alucobond for the composite panel market. Over the last 15 years it has been proven to be a reliable and dependable bonding solution. Acribond VST also offers excellent weathering and ageing properties, good high and low temperature resistance and very high performance adhesion.

    Acribond VST A311OG12