Prop Hire

PSA provides all services associated with bracing design and the supply of compliance certificates.

Foot brace distance and brace insert points within the slab, would be nominated and inconjuntion with the appropriate selection of ‘brace types’, the shop drawings can be generated.

Our Queensland branch offers the service of panel brace hire.

This includes a full range of sizes and capacities, which are maintained after each use and checked for conformance.

Our branch also offers a range of installation products, such a grouts, early propping systems and T-locks, to complement the brace hire.

PSA can assist in pre-construction site collaboration on the design intent and offer assistance in brace type selection; (Mini, Standard, Jumbo, etc.) and further provide for all associated drawings for the erection and certification.

Typical Brace Types and range of lengths and load capabilities are outlined in the table below. Ask one of our staff for assistance.

Brace Type Closed kN Open kN
Super Jumbo 8.5m 26kN 14.5m 4kN
Jumbo 6.4m 30kN 11.5m 8kN
Special 5.7m 28kN 9.4m 10kN
Standard 4.4m 40kN 6.8m 14kN
Mini 2.6m 35kN 4.4m 30kN
Apt Mini S 2.4m 35kN 4.1m 25kN
Apt Mini R 2.4m 35kN 3.8m 30kN
Super Trench 1.55m 35kN 2.5m 25kN
Trench 1.0m 35kN 1.7m 25kN
Prop Hire