Our profiles include standard extruded plastic chamfer fillets in plain and tailed, as well as false joint (dummy joint). The tail fillet can be supplied single or in double to be later snapped apart. We also extrude a standard riglet profile, plus other sizes and shapes for volume enquiries. For small or once off runs, we offer machined HDPE. Precision cutting (straight or angled) of profiles; is made simple with our heavy duty duck bill mitre shears.

  • Plastic Profiles

    Plastic Profiles

    PSA's Profiles are extruded from a quality UPVC (foam) and rigid UPVC. These can be supplied with Double Sided Fabric tape for easy installation. Other sizes can be extruded depended upon quantity, or for small amounts of non standard sizes we can look at having these machined from HDPE. For easy cutting of the fillet at precise angles PSA stock heavy duty duck bill mitre shears. These cut through any profile with ease and display angles on the bill.

  • Pre-Taped Profiles

    Pre-Taped Profiles

    Other pre-taped profiles available upon request.

  • Corner Mould Fillet

    Corner Mould Fillet

    PSA Corner Fillets make light work of forming quality corner chamfers, within the pre-cast element.

    These fillets eliminate unsightly edges, providing for a true angle that can be replicated each time.

    Top & bottom mitres blend into the long edge fillets.

    PSA Corner Fillets may be adhered to the corners of formwork with silicone providing a neat 45° chamfer and mitre to the vertices.

    Corner Mould Fillet