Lifting Systems

The universal lifting system from DSI Arteon, has been successfully used for more than 30 years, and ensures the safe lifting and location of precast elements. We have access to a full range of anchors and accessories for up to 32T working Load. All lifting components can be provided with CE certificates. Materials and load ratings conform to the strict requirements of DSI Arteon. Without the full design criteria, final determination and selection of a product for a specific application resides with the end user, and PSA cannot recommend applications outside of the load and performance characteristics of its products.
  • Foot Anchor

    Foot Anchor
    The Spherical Head foot anchors vary in shaft diameters from 10mm to 50mm, depending on the design capacity. All foot anchors are produced from carbon steel and supplied in a galvanised finish. Each capacity is available in a range of popular lengths. To achieve the full compression cone, the distance from the concrete edge must be higher than 3L and the distance between anchors must be higher than 6L. However, even in that case, the load capacity of the anchorage (concrete failure) has to be checked by qualified personal. Note: 20 and 32 ton lifters available in various lengths upon request.
  • Eye Anchor

    Eye Anchor
    The spherical head lifting eye anchor has the same shaft diameters and design capacities as the foot anchors. Instead of a foot the eye is designed to accommodate a 500 grade reinforcing bar for anchorage. The eye and outer diameter increases proportionally to the load capacity.
  • Hemispherical Formers

    Hemispherical Formers
    Round Rubber Recess Formers, can be used 30 to 40 times instead of the single use plastic versions. The rubber formers are used to position the spherical head anchors and from a recess for the clutch. Supplied with a fixing set.
  • Narrow Hemispherical Formers

    Narrow Hemispherical Formers
    Round Rubber Recess Former, can be used 30 to 40 times. The narrow hemispherical formers generally do not require fixing sets, although fixings can be made available.
  • Articulated Steel Formers

    Articulated Steel Formers
    Round articulated steel former are reusable that open up to allow easy insertion of the anchor. Regular maintenance required to ensure movability.
  • Lifting Clutch

    Lifting Clutch
    Lifting Clutch is designed for easy engagement of the spherical headed anchors whilst maintaining conformance of safety standards. All lifting clutches are supplied with a CE certificate, usage and safety instructions.
  • Face Lifting Systems

    Face Lifting Systems

    Designed for lifting concrete tilt-up wall panels via the near face, this lifter assembly (housing an internal foot anchor), provides for easy post-cast extraction of the split-halves of the plastic void former. Supplied assembled in sturdy galvanised steel and accommodates antennae for location detection. The quick Ground Release Clutch is used in conjunction with the Face Lifter, reducing the need for ladders.

    The top label references the panel thickness and correct direction of the plastic void former recess, in relation to the top and bottom of the panel. The hot forged anchor, permits rapid hardware attachment, with a smooth rotation of the clutch during the release operation.

    WLL safety factor ~2.25:1 @ 25Mpa WLL ratings for the 150mm is based on a 120mm long foot anchor. The 175mm and 200mm ratings are based on 144mm long foot anchors.

    *Ground Release Lifting Clutches may also be Hired. Ask one of our staff for assistance. Complies with the requirements of AS3850.2015 CAUTION: Do Not use the FLS for edge-lifting of panels as the insert is not designed for such use. Do Not use with top seeded exposed aggregate 19mm or larger as aggregate will pop out during erection resulting in a reduced insert WLL.

    Face Lifting Systems
  • Lifting Loops

    Lifting Loops

    A variety of Heavy Duty Steel Lifting Loops are available from PSA with lifting capacity up to 99 Ton. PSA offers Engineering Services to specify the appropriate loop to suit your design requirement or we can simply supply your specified capacity loop with the associated product certification. Contact PSA to confirm stock holding and lead-time for your order.

    Lifting Loops