Early Propping System

PSA has designed and produced an assembly to provide for the early propping of pre-cast elements.Tested in accordance with AS3850.1:2015 Appendix A. Complying to specification, as tested within 8MPa concrete, it also provides for the nominal standard specification of 12MPa as outlined in AS3850.1:2015 Concrete slabs achieving a minimum mean compressive strength of at least 8MPa may in-turn utilise the PSA EPS. (on-site conditions and final concrete strength for the projects requirements, are to be factored in by the supervising engineer)

The PSA EPS consists of a customised early propping chair, upon which the metal fix anchor is mounted. The void tube and cap, completes the assembly in readiness for the concrete pour, achieving a 25kN+ pull-out capacity, in early cured (green), low strength concrete >8MPa.

Pre-cut thread bars are stocked in 600mm lengths or may be made to specific order, subject to minimum volume requirements.

  • Benefits
  • Labour efficient assembly practices.
  • Very small, stable footprint
  • 16mm section thread bar with large fix anchor, provides high shear capacity and minimal deflection.
  • High strength brace anchoring in low strength concrete.
  • Efficient element erection timeline for earlier panel propping.
  • 30mm cover plastic chair, light grey, providing minimum exposure.
  • AS3850.1:2015 Compliant
  • EPS Anchor Chair - EPSEPC


    EPS Anchor Chair (30mm Cover)

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  • EPS Foot Anchor - EPSFA


    EPS Foot Anchor

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  • EPS Lock Nut - EPSLNUT


    EPS Lock Nut x 30mm long- Steel

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  • EPS Removable Void Tube Cap - EPSCAP


    EPS Removable Void Tube Cap

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  • EPS Threaded Bar - EPSTBAR


    EPS 600mm long Threaded Bar

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  • EPS Void Tube - EPSVT


    EPS Void Tube 3.0m lengths

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  • EPS Washer - EPSWASH


    EPS Washer- Steel 

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