Bar Box and Bolts

The PSA Bar Box is an economical plastic rebate, designed to fit threaded inserts in floor to wall connections. The boxes can be connected to the formwork with double side tape or mechanical fasteners, or directly to the reinforcement with tie-wire. Plastic bolts to suit the threaded inserts are also available.

The PSA Bar Box is designed with a tapered box that forms a key into the slab connection and has knock-outs at 50mm centres, providing tolerances to avoid clashing with wall reinforcement. The box is fully sealed with a push-tight back cover.


  • Length of Bar Box: 750mm
  • Width of Bar Box: 100mm
  • Depth of Bar Box: 30mm
  • Knock-out Spacing: 50mm

Plastic bolt sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm to suit ‘Reidbar’ (Metric or alternative threads are available depending on minimum order requirements.)

Bar Box and Bolts