Connections for Concrete

PSA’s Concrete Connections include all ferrule related accessories, cast-in plates & void formers for precast and tilt-up concrete elements.

Ferrule X- Chair supports, threaded locator and push-on locator plates, antennae caps, cover caps and plugs.

PSA Bar System- couplers, anchors, threaded PSA bar, bar box assembly, plastic bolts, conduit & cones.

PSA custom Early Propping System- (EPS), securely fastenens prop-brace footings, for the early erection of pre-cast elements.

PSA supplies plate cradles, biscuits dowels and various shaped dowels, for the control of movement within slab joints and to prevent cracking.

All relevant products are tested to AS3850 and AS3600 where applicable and further certified by our experienced and qualified engineering team.

  • Cast-In Plate Chairs

    Cast-In Plate Chairs
    PSA has developed and patented a cost effective and efficient Cast-In Plate Chair to simplify, and improve the installation process of Cast-In Plates. Cast-in Plate chairs will produce a level uniform height, whilst allowing for fi nish or rebates. 30mm and 35mm rebates are easily achieved with PSA void formers.
  • Cast-In Plates

    Cast-In Plates

    Our quality cast-in plates for structural onsite connections have been rigorously tested to conform to AS3850 and associated industry standards for buildings. In addition, thermal heat load and on-site field serviceability for welding has been conducted, for approvals in use with the PSA plastic cast-in plate chair.

    PSA’s plate assemblies mate with the patented PSA chair and carry the nominal M20 thread x 75mm tall ferrule.

    Two sizes are standard; PCP75/1 with a 73mm U’bar height & PCP75/2 with a 108mm U’bar height.

    PCP75/1G is also supplied as a stock item in Galvanised finish.

  • Void Formers

    Void Formers

    200mm x 200mm HDPE Cast-In Plate Void Formers. For achieving a 30mm or 35mm rebate for Cast-In Plates. Can be supplied with magnets and plates pre assembled. Other sizes available upon request

  • Double Ended Round Ferrule

    Double Ended Round Ferrule

    PSA Double Ended Round Ferrules are manufactured and tested to comply with AS3850 in conjunction with the tension bar. M12 to M20 threaded ferrules are a nominal 28.0mm OD with the M24 threaded ferrule having a 32mm outside diameter.

    The nominal 15mm diameter clearance hole is provided for the N12 tension bar.

    Round Ferrules
  • Round Ferrules

    Round Ferrules

    PSA Round Ferrules are manufactured and tested to comply with AS3850 in conjunction with the tension bar. M12 to M20 threaded ferrules are a nominal 28.0mm OD with the M24 threaded ferrule having a 32mm outside diameter.

    The nominal 15mm diameter clearance hole is provided for the N12 tension bar.

    Round Ferrules
  • X-Foot Ferrules

    X-Foot Ferrules

    PSA X- Foot Ferrules are manufactured and tested to comply with AS3850 in conjunction with the tension bar. M12 to M20 threaded ferrules are a nominal 28.0mm OD with the M24 threaded ferrule having a 32mm outside diameter.

    The nominal 15mm diameter clearance hole is provided for the N12 tension bar.

    Round Ferrules
  • X Chair

    X Chair

    The X-Chair is an easy-to-use ferrule chair, developed to locate ‘near-face’ ferrules in precast and tilt-up panels. The uniquely designed X- Chair accommodates all standard PSA X- Foot and Round 96mm high ferrules. The X-Chair will cater to most third party (non PSA) round ferrules.

    The design has an in-built cross support and integral centre spigot to accurately position the ferrule to shop drawing locations.

    The X-Chair is designed to locate a 96mm ferrule at 2mm below the panel surface. Manufactured in light grey, coloured plastic; providing a strong, impact resistant support, which is non-corrosive and has small dimpled feet to provide minimal exposure. The X- Chair locates the 96mm ferrules at the correct height only when the compulsory ‘omega bar’ is used. The ‘omega bar’ has the option of being placed through the ferrule, then inserted and clipped onto the chair. Alternatively the omega bar may be pushed through the ferrule (when already sitting within the pre-positioned chair) with the bar then coming to rest on the alternate platform, without the use of the clip.

    Custom heights may be accommodated, subject to volume orders.

    X Chair
  • Antennae Cap

    Antennae Cap

    Designed to be used in conjunction with the ferrule chair, the antennae cap protects the threads of the ferrule, whilst pouring and screeding. Provides an effective seal, through a tight push fit, and a ridge which locks into the thread. The antennae are pliable for screeding and easily identified with bright colour coding.

  • Push on Ferrule Locator

    Push on Ferrule Locator

    Pushes into the ferrule and releases when the panel is lifted, leaving a 5mm recess in the panel. A special built-in seal prevents slurry leakage into the ferrule. The 58mm base is designed to be stuck to the table with a double sided adhesive foam disc, but can also be mechanically fastened.

    Push on Ferrule Locator FLP12/58
  • Threaded Locator Plates

    Threaded Locator Plates

    PSA Threaded Locator Plates are an innovative design which incorporates mechanical nail fastening and optional glue-on fastening within the one component, therefore eliminating the need to stock separate nail and glue plates. The threaded locator plates have sufficient elasticity for mechanical fastening, yet provide for a rigid flat surface, to adhere the double sided tape disc.

    Round Ferrules
  • PSA Thread Bar System

    PSA Thread Bar System

    The PSA Thread Bar System consists of high yield 500 N/mm2 screwable hot rolled steel bar, with corresponding couplers, nuts and foot anchor accessories, enabling easy connections, conforming to AS/NZ4671, AS3600 and is ACRS approved.

    The fully threaded left hand bar can be cut and joined at any point with couplers. Bars may be welded and can be securely anchored, with the use of foot anchors at their ends. The robust, course pitch thread-form, ensures self-cleaning of the thread. PSA Bar may also be supplied as a fully galvanised system.

    Thread Bar System
  • PSA Thread Bar Couplers

    PSA Thread Bar Couplers

    Couplers allow PSA Thread Bar to be coupled or extended reliably and efficiently, anywhere along its length.

    PSA Thread Bar Couplers
  • PSA Thread Bar Lock Nut

    PSA Thread Bar Lock Nut

    Lock nuts are to be used at each end of the couplers.

    PSA Thread Bar Lock Nut
  • Bar Box and Bolts

    Bar Box and Bolts

    The PSA Bar Box is an economical plastic rebate, designed to fit threaded inserts in floor to wall connections. The boxes can be connected to the formwork with double side tape or mechanical fasteners, or directly to the reinforcement with tie-wire. Plastic bolts to suit the threaded inserts are also available.

    The PSA Bar Box is designed with a tapered box that forms a key into the slab connection and has knock-outs at 50mm centres, providing tolerances to avoid clashing with wall reinforcement. The box is fully sealed with a push-tight back cover.


    • Length of Bar Box: 750mm
    • Width of Bar Box: 100mm
    • Depth of Bar Box: 30mm
    • Knock-out Spacing: 50mm

    Plastic bolt sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 32mm to suit ‘Reidbar’ (Metric or alternative threads are available depending on minimum order requirements.)

    Bar Box and Bolts
  • Early Propping System

    Early Propping System

    PSA has designed and produced an assembly to provide for the early propping of pre-cast elements.Tested in accordance with AS3850.1:2015 Appendix A. Complying to specification, as tested within 8MPa concrete, it also provides for the nominal standard specification of 12MPa as outlined in AS3850.1:2015 Concrete slabs achieving a minimum mean compressive strength of at least 8MPa may in-turn utilise the PSA EPS. (on-site conditions and final concrete strength for the projects requirements, are to be factored in by the supervising engineer)

    The PSA EPS consists of a customised early propping chair, upon which the metal fix anchor is mounted. The void tube and cap, completes the assembly in readiness for the concrete pour, achieving a 25kN+ pull-out capacity, in early cured (green), low strength concrete >8MPa.

    Pre-cut thread bars are stocked in 600mm lengths or may be made to specific order, subject to minimum volume requirements.

    • Benefits
    • Labour efficient assembly practices.
    • Very small, stable footprint
    • 16mm section thread bar with large fix anchor, provides high shear capacity and minimal deflection.
    • High strength brace anchoring in low strength concrete.
    • Efficient element erection timeline for earlier panel propping.
    • 30mm cover plastic chair, light grey, providing minimum exposure.
    • AS3850.1:2015 Compliant
  • Repair Plugs

    Repair Plugs

    Repairs nominal 19- 20mm formwork holes providing for a flush finish. Plastic plugs (pictured) are for repairing formwork and solid plugs fill 6.5mm holes in precast beds.

    Repair Plugs
  • Cover Caps

    Cover Caps

    30mm Cover Caps- Large & Small

    Provides an effective solid 30mm extension and cover to rods, that are used as feet. Two sizes are available, covering rod 4- 6mm diameter (small) and rod diameters 8-12mm (large). Discrete concrete grey in colour with dimples to cater for minimal exposure.

    10mm Diameter Cover Cap x 30mm long

    Provides a slim sleeve that fits neatly over 10mm diameter, black mild steel rod. Centre dimple provides for minimal surface exposure. When this cap is fitted, the effective rod length may be reduced by up to 5mm.

    Cover Caps
  • Ferrule Patch Caps

    Ferrule Patch Caps

    Concrete grey patches that are inserted into 20mm ferrules, when props have been removed from the panels. Eliminates grouting of the ferrule holes, even if the ferrules are not perpendicular to the panel face. Patch Caps have a UV protecting agent in them to prevent aging in exposed areas.

    Glue On Plates
  • PD3 Plate Cradles

    PD3 Plate Cradles

    3 metre long fabricated plate cradles, provide alignment to contraction joints and are supplied with either 6mm or 10mm thick, tapered steel plate dowels x 300 long, at nominated centres and with a sleeve to one side.

    Cradles are available in black and galvanised finish.

    Custom sizes, heights and centres are available, in rectangle round or square dowels. Cradle assemblies locate the dowels at accurate spacings and heights.

    Made to order- subject to minimum order quantity.

    Plate Cradles
  • Conduit and Cones

    Conduit and Cones

    PSA stocks conduit and cones to suit 15mm and 20mm tie bars for formwork systems. Other size conduits are available upon request. Also available are a number of plugs for repairing formwork and precast beds.

    Conduit and Cones
  • Nailing Plate

    Nailing Plate

    Screws into the ferrule and mechanically fastened to the formwork, leaving a 10mm recess in the panel. Where coil or tie bar threaded ferrules are used a special nailing plate is available.

    Nailing Plate
  • Diamond Dowels

    Diamond Dowels

    Diamond dowels offer a highly efficient dowel system designed for construction joints, which minimises differential deflection between slabs. Diamond dowels allow two directional movement in the horizontal plane, whilst minimising differential deflection between slabs under load.

    *Supplied with plastic sleeves to suit

    Diamond Dowels