Ancillary Products

PSA offers a suite of products to complement the industries that we service. They range from PPE, cleaning product, lubricants, drill bits, abrasives, steel or plastic star pickets, bar guards, tie wire, building film, to polystyrene sheets and shapes. If you want it, PSA will look at all avenues to get it for you.

  • Wire and Accessories

    Wire and Accessories

    PSA stocks a wide range of wire products for the construction industry. Available in both galvanised and annealed. Accessories for twisting, cutting and holding are also available.

  • Bar Guards

    Bar Guards

    Protective Yellow Cap for bars up to 36mm and star pickets..

    Bar Guards and Star Pickets
  • MARX Survey Spray

    MARX Survey Spray

    MARX Survey Spray is designed for inverted use. Used for construction site layout, landscaping, civil works and surveying.

    MARX Survey Spray
  • Polythene Moisture Barrier

    Polythene Moisture Barrier

    200um Black Polythene rolls 4.0m x 50m. Branded to suit Australian Standards and folded to a handy 2m roll. Other thickness and lengths available upon request

    Polythene Moisture Barrier
  • Foam Products

    Foam Products

    PSA supplies foam products for various specialist applications including expansion jointing, donuts for pipe sealing and backing rods. Expansion jointing can be supplied with or without “sticky back” and zipped. Special widths and thicknesses can be produced to order.

    Foam Products
  • Skorpio Abrasives

    Skorpio Abrasives

    High quality, European made abrasives.

    Flap Discs available in course grades of G40, G60 or G80.

    Other sizes available upon request.

    Skorpio Abrasives
  • Panel Plates

    Panel Plates

    Permanent identification plate cast into Panels - mechanically fastened with a break off nib, or a raised face for double sided tape. Available in Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Grey or Pink, for project/location identification..

    Other colours available in the wide range subject to minimum order requirements.

  • Polystyrene


    PSA supplies expanded polystyrene (EPS) products for a broad range of applications, such as building construction, including foam wall insulation and architectural profiles; road construction; protective packaging; cold storage and refrigeration; sign writing, displays and decorative fixtures.

    Our polystyrene products are available in custom-designs, standard blocks, sheets and moulded shapes. We can have any shape or size cut to suit your needs.

    Skorpio Abrasives
  • Chain Guard

    Chain Guard

    130mm x 130mm heavy duty plastic corners to protect precast panels, as well as chains and strapping during tie down of loads. They create a medium between the two surfaces to reduce wear, whilst securing the load.

    Chain Guard