Chemicals & Sealants

PSA has a range of chemical products to assist numerous applications in concrete construction.They range from release agents and bond breakers, (for the breaking of bonds between panels and formwork), to silicone for water proofing joints; petroleum jelly for sealing the threads of inserts and citrus hand cleaner, for use onsite and in workshops.
  • Silcone-N


    Multi-functional easy to apply and extrude. Extremely flexible, non-shrinking and durable seal Excellent adhesion to mortar, stone, ceramics, grout and metal Fast curing for a high quality rain-ready weatherproof seal.

  • Snow White Petroleum Jelly

    Snow White Petroleum Jelly

    Snow white petroleum jelly is a highly purified non-staining white petroleum Jelly, ideal for lubricating ferrules before connecting to the Ferrule locating plate or antenna cap.

    Snow White Petroleum Jelly
  • Bond Breaker

    Bond Breaker

    SURE LIFT™ with Dye J6D.

    Solvent based Sure Lift™, is a reactive and membrane forming bond breaker, for use in tilt-up wall construction.

    Sure Lift™ is a special formulation of polymers and ingredients designed to provide clean, easy lifting of tilt-up panels.

    Sure Lift™ with Dye J6D, has a non-permanent dye for ease of visual inspection during application and is also available without the dye upon special request.


    • Chemically reactive
    • Panels lift cleanly
    • Minimal panel residue
    • Resists construction foot traffic
    Bond Breaker
  • Citrus Hand Cleaner

    Citrus Hand Cleaner

    For workshop or onsite hand cleaning, without the need for using water.

    Citrus Care
  • Form Release Agent

    Form Release Agent

    Clean Strip™ Ultra J3 Form Release is a premium, low odour, ready to use, low V.O.C. and chemically reactive form release, that is ideal for architectural and precast concrete and for general forming applications.


    • Extends formwork life cycle.
    • Reduces labor, normally used to clean forms.
    • Minimises concrete surface dusting.
    • Helps prevent rusting of steel forms.
    • Compatible with most form liners.
    • Pail & bulk drum supply available.
    Form Release Agent
  • GTR Premium

    GTR Premium

    GTR® Premium is a new-generation stripping product developed to meet the latest regulations.

    GTR® Premium is highly effective at removing concrete and cement residues and storage and demoulding oils.

    GTR® Premium is less aggressive than other products on the market based on citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids, so it is safer to use. It has been designed to meet the varying requirements of applicators in terms of effectiveness, safety, use and impact on the environment.

    BENEFITS; Powerful & Effective, Biodegradable, Protects Equipment and User`s Safety, Non Flammable.

    APPLICATION: GTR Premium is ideal for cleaning and maintaining; Ready Mix Concrete equipment and tools, Metal and Timber formwork, Concrete Skips, Props, Concrete Mixer Trucks and concrete plant etc.

    GTR Premium